The Amazing Royaltie GEM

Inexpensively promote your business via Bluetooth to every Android phone within 100 yards!

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Royaltie GEM

Promote ANY Business On Complete Auto-Pilot!

Just WHAT is bluetooth proximity marketing? An incredible, low-cost yet powerful technology that automatically broadcasts to every bluetooth enabled Android phone within a 100 yard radius of your Royaltie GEM unit... for less than $1 per day.

Your business promotional headline and website link is cleverly presented under the user's notifications. Imagine this marketing capability at a sporting event, convention, concert or busy shopping area? BOOM!

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Generate hundreds, even THOUSANDS of leads per day simply by walking or driving around!


Easy Customization

Super-simple online account access allows you to easily edit your 40 character message and website link.

Super Versatile

Imagine your marketing power while in an airport, casino, sporting event, concert or shopping center!

Weatherproof and Durable

It's about the size of a car remote. Attachable. Discrete. Features a 2-year battery life!

24-7 Operation

Unattended round-the-clock marketing and promotion. Far more effective than flyers and a fraction of the cost of radio.

Unlimited Notifications

One low monthly fee (less than $1 per day) for each GEM. Add additional GEMs and SAVE. A powerful reach!

Incredible Broadcast Range

The Royaltie GEM reaches bluetooth enabled Android phones within a 100 yard circumference of the device!

Who's Using The GEM To Grow Their Business?

Real Estate Agents

Restaurants / Bars

Coffee Shops


Ice Cream Parlors

Auto Service Centers


Direct Sales Reps

Boutique Clothing Stores

Gym, Yoga & Fitness Centers

Festivals & Fairs

Network Marketers

Personal Trainers

Hair and Tanning Salons

Trade Show Professionals

Social Media Marketers

Food Trucks

Automobile Dealerships


Wedding Planners

Travel Agents

Auto Repair Shops


Amusement Services

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Request more information, and receive "Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Strategies" by email to reveal the power of bluetooth advertising with your own Royatie GEM device. You'll be amazed by how easy and effective the reach of this promotional method really is! Painlessly promote your business, service or passion everywhere you go! Get the report free with no obligation.

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